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The Reading Spark offers tutoring sessions after school, as well as during school hours for students who are homeschooled.  Screenings are also available for students who may be exhibiting signs of dyslexia. 
Slingerland Dyslexia Screenings

If you suspect your child is struggling with dyslexia but aren't quite sure,   then a Slingerland Screening may be beneficial to you. This screening assesses different skill areas that are vital to reading, writing, and spelling.  A written report and follow-up parent conference accompanies the screening.  The screening outcome can establish whether your child is exhibiting similar symptoms to those with dyslexia, or if they may simply need lighter reading remediation.  


*Please note that this is a screening only.  An actual diagnosis of "dyslexia" can only be given by a doctor or licensed psychologist.  

Reading Intervention/ Tutoring


For students who are struggling with reading and writing, one-to-one tutoring sessions are offered.  My primary method of teaching is through the Slingerland© Multi-Sensory Approach. Sessions are one hour in length and specifically designed for your child's needs.  My process is to actively engage your child in their own learning so that they can ultimately grow into independent students. 


A minimum of two sessions per week is required to make ongoing progress. Topics that may be addressed through tutoring are phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, writing skills and comprehension. 

Experience Dyslexia Simulations
If you have a group of 20ty or more people that are interested in experiencing what it might be like to have dyslexia, then consider hosting an Experience Dyslexia Workshop.  The materials were developed by the Northern California Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, and include 6 different stations that mimic certain struggles with being dyslexic. Click here to view an informational video about the simulation. This workshop is a powerful experience to gain insight and understanding into the lives of your students or children.  As a trained facilitator, this workshop can be directly requested through me.
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